“God is love. Whoever lives in love, lives in God” (1 John 4:16)

We are called, as followers of Jesus, to live in love.

To love everyone without conditions is to love the way that God loves. Everyone is precious, everyone is welcome, everyone deserves the opportunity to find hope, love, joy and peace. All are welcome.

This site gives information about the life and work of the churches in the Loughborough Methodist Circuit. 

There are 11 churches in the circuit including a united church in Quorn in St Bartholomew’s, and a Cantonese speaking Chinese church meeting at Trinity Methodist Church, Loughborough. The circuit covers a significant part of the borough of Charnwood. We work together with other Christian churches to be, not only a worshipping community and Christian presence, but also to pray for our communities and offer the hope that we find in the good news of Jesus Christ. For more information click on Churches

All of us are on a journey of life and faith, every journey needs fellow travellers, come and join us.


 “Loughborough Circuit: Releasing God’s gifts in us as we work for God’s Kingdom.”

As a circuit we aim:

  • To equip the Circuit and its churches for mission.
  • To develop discipleship and nurturing of personal spirituality within the Circuit.
  • To encourage team work within a sectional framework
  • To maintain strong administrative systems to support the Circuit’s work.
  • To engage in ecumenical collaboration.
  • To encourage new initiatives in worship and ministry.